Cobb Lifting Fork

Cobb Lifting Fork

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The Lifting Tool is the most universally used tool to lift, move, or replace any accessory on your COBB. A handy tool for when accessories are hot. Why not get a spare handle on things just in case.

The COBB Lifting Tool has included will all COBB grilling systems. It is used as a detachable tool for also lifting the Frying Pan, Fire Grid, Grill Grid, and other accessories. A Lifting Tool comes standard with the Frying Pan. Flip the tool upside down for more convenience or different leverage while lifting.

To clean the moat after use, turn the Lifting Tool around (on the long side), wrap the handle with paper towels, and use the perfect shape of the handle to scoop out excess oil or hard fat. Use two handles for added control with the larger oval Supreme. It can be cleaned in the dishwasher. #lifter

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