CobbleStone Fuel Briquettes

CobbleStone Fuel Briquettes

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Self light charcoal briquettes for hours of cooking time. Designed to be compact, convenient and powerful.

COBB’s unique CobbleStones are a sustainable and renewable resource made from coconut husks, a by-product of the coconut industry. They are eco-friendly, lightweight and super-efficient, enabling you to start cooking within 5 minutes of lighting.

COBB’s CobbleStones use rapid ignition technology to burn hotter and longer than conventional charcoal. Each CobbleStone is 1.4 inches in thickness, weighs 13.5 ounces, has a diameter of 5 inches and can last for +/- 2 1/2 hours each. What makes them so user-friendly is that once lit, they take 90 seconds to stop smoking and your outdoor cooking adventure can commence in 5 minutes.

Clean up is also a breeze as CobbleStones remain in one piece after burning. No more having to contend with heaps of fire ash everywhere. As hot as COBB CobbleStones are, with the COBB’s unit cool-to-the-touch, non-slip base, it’s safe enough to move around while cooking.

The most wonderful thing about the ingenious design of all COBB products is that they are created to complement each other. Everything works hand-in-hand making the outdoors a far friendlier place to be.

  • Safe and economical
  • Ignition is achieved within 4-5 minutes
  • Built-in firelighter
  • Bio-degradable
  • Made with bamboo and wood
  • One CobbleStone gives over 2 hours of cooking time if used in the COBB

Video: COBB CobbleStones vs. Charcoal