The design of the Cobb portable grill originated with safety in mind. An innovation straight out of South Africa. The Cobb was initially designed as a cooking system for disadvantaged people in rural areas that did not have access to electricity. The first prototype of the grill was a ceramic sphere-shaped device that cooked well, but was heavy and cumbersome. The unit has been refined over the years into a portable, eco-friendly and incredibly efficient barbecue.

Cobb International has already exported to over 45 countries worldwide.

About the product

Unique and authentic, the Cobb derives its name from “mielie” (corn on the cob). It is the sun-dried corn cob that was to provide the fuel to fire-up the Cobb in the first instance. The idea was conceived by an entrepreneur who saw the need for a safe and cost-effective way of cooking in the rural parts of the country. The result was a device that was economical, practical, portable and capable of performing a cooking function that was effective.

Since those early days, the Cobb device has undergone many enhancements and modifications to bring us to today’s product which is light, compact and very portable and can cook almost anything ... anywhere! Hence the slogan ... “Cook anything, anywhere, anytime”! The “corn cob” fuel has been replaced with standard charcoal or the Cobblestone™.